Are Online Casino Slots Rigged?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions by new players giving gambling online consideration. Are online slots rigged? No, and here we explain why they are not and how it is not possible for the production of the casino’s slot machines to be fixed to benefit the casino you’re joining.

Introducing You to Casino Slot Machines

Before taking part in the thrills of gambling online, players must consider and realise they are stepping into an environment that is controlled by a business. Casinos are there to make money and their service to paying customers is to give them an opportunity to win money back. To give you a head start in selecting a reputable site that will offer certified games, we ask you to check out here, as they have assembled a list of South Africa’s current top 10 sites. These casinos follow the letter of the law, quite literally. They are licensed establishments that are legally allowed to service players who are living in the regions of South Africa.

How Slots Are Built for Online Casinos

Without the right foundations to a site, you will never acquire a provider that gives players the best opportunities. All the best casinos are those which abide by the guidelines, follow the codes of conduct and have been through every legal and regulated procedure. This is not only important for the obvious reasons of safety and reliability, but it is important to gain access to games which are winnable, which we will come to later on in the review.

Casino slots, whether they are good or bad are all built the same way. There are two programs, one given the slot the rules of how it must play and algorithms that determine how to should payout.

The important focus is the algorithms, which calculates when and how you win. There are two forms, RTP and RNG. RTP is a percentage algorithm which payouts depending on the money placed into the machine, exactly the same way as you would find it with a slot machine in a pub, casino, hotel and so on. The other is the RNG, the Random Number Generator which works like a combination lock, giving the symbols alternating serial numbers and producing a series of others that try to match during a spin.

Neither of these programs are rigged because it doesn’t matter if you play with R2,000 or R50, your chances are still mathematically the same.

Tested and Certified Fair Gaming

The fair gaming aspect comes in at the point of being checked by independent regulators like eCOGRA. They will assess the algorithms of every game to make sure there are no faults or manipulation in place to make it unfair on the customer. These checks are not only carried out before the casino is launched; checks are done at random intervals during the life of the casino.

To help also put this into context, it is not the casino which makes the game directly, the casino is merely a platform for the work done by software developers. The development market for games is not huge, with roughly 50 different developers worldwide. More than 80% of them have been in the business for over a decade. They supply all casinos across the world, you’ll be playing the same slot as someone in the United Kingdom, Australia and America. It would be unfeasible for a developer to get away with rigging their games given the number of players that have access to them, let alone the number of times they would have had their work randomly checked by regulating authorities.

You’re free to now play with peace of mind.